Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Statistics Show ADHD Increases Divorce

posted by Michele Olson

We all know the statistics about divorce. They are high. Now a study is saying that couples who have a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are nearly TWICE AS LIKELY to divorce or separate as couples who do not have children with the psychiatric disorder, according to a definitive new study that is the first to explicitly explore the question. The reason appears
simple: Having a child who is inattentive or hyperactive can be extremely stressful for caregivers and can exacerbate conflicts, tensions and arguments between parents.

Guess anyone who has a child with ADHD could shout a loud “Amen!” right about now.

The Washington Post article goes on to explain that it’s a sensitive topic because no one wants to say that scientists are blaming kids for the marital woes of their parents. There have been many studies of how parents affect kids, but this is one that points to how a child can affect the marriage of the parents.

What it means is ADHD should not be treated without involving the parents in the treatment. It affects the whole family including the marriage. Just another important reason that communication and conflict resolution skills have to be at their best…another reason for marital education. thinkmarriage.org does have several opportunities every year for parents of special needs kids to take a workshop that addresses communication and how special needs affects the marriage. If you are interested in this type of class, please contact us so we can let you know how you can attend a workshop.
Are you the parent of an ADHD child? How has your child’s diagnosis affected your marriage?

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