Monday, March 23, 2009

Busting Marriage Myths

Posted by Michele Olson
Did you get your free Marriage Myth Buster Guide yet? All we need is your name and mailing address, and we'll send one to you. It's a good read if we do say so ourselves! The reason? You're going to learn something. You're going to have some things that you think are true, challenged.
It's also a good thing because you'll come to understand a little better. For example, did you know that we don't believe in marriage at any cost? Did you know that we don't discredit or criticize those how have chosen divorce or happen to be single parents.
Life happens. It's happened to our staff too. What we want to get you thinking about is the impact of healthy relationships and marriages on society as a whole, not just your individual situation. Whether you are married or single, the state of healthy marriage relationships do have an impact on your a whole. That's what we want you to learn more about.
We want you a part of our team. No matter what your personal situation in a relationship is at this time, you can be a Marriage Champion. Get your guide today.

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