Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dissecting a Happy Marriage

Posted by Michele Olson

A few of our prior blogs touched on some news lately about a study that takes into consideration your future marital success based on your smile meter in past photos.

We’ve also touched on the news of how having children affects a marriage. Lots of feedback comments on that blog! touches these subjects along with some other points in an article entitled: Hunting for the secrets of a happy marriage by A. Pawlowski

The article delves into a look at what causes stress in a relationship and what has been shown to keep the spark alive.

Some interesting highlights of the article:

· Spouses who were the most romantic before the birth of a child found the transition to parenthood to be the most difficult.

Authors note: Of course! Changing diapers, baby spit, no sleep and never being in the bathroom again by yourself are just not romantic!

· Staying childless isn’t the secret to marital bliss. Couples who didn’t have children still became less happy with their marriage; it was just more gradual than for those who had children.

· It’s not just tension that can spell trouble in a marriage; boredom also plays a role in eroding marital bliss.

· There are strategies and ways to ignite a spark in a dwindling flame.

All the tips lead back to effort on a couple’s part to deal with the road bumps that are a part of any marriage. Happily ever after simply takes work, just like any worthwhile endeavor in life.

What do these highlights make you think about in your own marriage? Encourage others with your thoughts! Read the CNN article here.

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