Monday, April 13, 2009

Work Smarter on Your Marriage

posted by Michele Olson

Want to work smarter and more effectively on your marriage? Attend a marriage workshop! Yah, sure…we’d be the ones to say that…but this isn’t coming from This is from a blog that cites findings from the Urban Institute that shows couples who attend marriage education:
* Learn to reduce negative patterns of interaction
* Maintain higher levels of couple and individual satisfaction
* Learn specific skills to improve their relationships
*Reap the benefits of the training for up to five years after the

What? Imagine if you committed to marriage education once a year as a check-up how ahead of the curve you would be! Seems like a no brainer for something as important as your marriage.

Read the blog.
Read the research.

And then commit as a couple to marriage education. Now that’s smart!


Anonymous said...


I am sure you are very aware of this resource already, but I just had to share that the movie Fireproof and the book Love Dare honestly saved my marriage. We were hanging on by a thread about 2 months ago, and the progress we've made is unbelievable! You really must share those resources with those in need. There is no way I would be married today without the guidance they provided. said...

That's great that thing are going so well! Bravo!
Yes, if you look into our blog archives you'll see much about Fireproof the movie and the resources. They are a great resource. I would also highly recommend taking a marriage education course as a further enhancement to your relationship.
Thanks for blogging!