Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Donald Trump Advisor Reflects on a New Couple Trend

Posted by Michele Olson
Are you a fan of The Apprentice? The program of “You’re Fired” fame with the Donald didn’t start out with celebrities. It premiered with ambitious people who wanted to work for Donald Trump. His right hand man was really a lady who worked for him; Carolyn Kepcher. She was one of the two people who would go out and observe a team and then report back to Mr. Trump her impressions of how they were doing. Before the climactic final firing scene, he would turn to Carolyn to get her insight on to who he should fire. Those roles have since been replaced by his kids Donald Jr. and Ivanka. (Does it strike anyone else that it’s quite odd to have these two privileged people judging work ethics? Ah, nepotism)
But back to Carolyn.

If you wondered what happened to her when she disappeared from the show, she is now CEO of Carolyn & Company Media (carolynandco.com), an enterprise created by and for career women and a columnist for Your Money. She posted an interesting article yesterday on how the economy is causing economic separation for couples. Couples are now forced to take jobs in different cities, or rarely see each other due to working separate shifts to avoid the cost of daycare.

Termed “separation by career” it appears to be something that could become a new normal with this economy. Surviving it goes back to the fundamentals of making any relationship work: effort!

Read Carolyn’s article and let us know if this describes what you are going through. How do you keep your relationship thriving through separation by career? Post your thoughts!

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