Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Remarrying Your Ex Spouse

Posted by Michele Olson has an intriguing story about a couple who divorced after many of the same trials all couples face. What’s different about this story, is the telling of how the couple, even though separated for more than five years and leading totally separate lives, find their way back to each other and remarriage. What’s really interesting are the observations of why they were satisfied with each other the second time around and the keys to their now happy relationship.

It’s a good read for anyone, but particularly good food for thought for those wondering if they would be happier divorced. Anyone entertaining the idea that they really do still love the person they divorced will find it enlightening. Here's the story.

What about you? Have you remarried you ex spouse? What can you share about your experience?


midessamama said...

My husband and I divorced 5 years ago after 10 years of marriage. e've been cack together now for 2 years.
In our "first" marriage, we did the really hard stuff, one right after another, careers, babies, home-buying.
I think we both had unrealistic versions of what to do next... he wanted to travel, I wanted the white picket fence.
It took three years to figure out that the white picket fence doesn't make a home without your partner. My husband also realized his great advetures weren't quite so great without his family.
Everyday, I am grateful to have been given the wisdom to understand this before I became old and gray without my sweetheart. Now, we adventure together and our days are precious. said...

Thanks so much for sharing your encouraging story...and so insightful that the things you want without your loved one there to share in them lose their polish.
This is a happily ever after that shows the work and wisdom that went into getting there. Thanks again and keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

After 14 years of marriage and 5 years of divorce, my ex and I will remarry on September 5th. The journey from divorce court to here has been filled with many twists & turns. In the end, we both realized that we had something special in the other that can not be duplicated only imitated. We both like having the "real thing" back.

“We’re “re-marrying” each other because we have found that something was missing in our lives without the other person in it. There was a reason we married in the first place. It’s more than love, it is indefinable. Now that we have knowledge of who we are, and where we want to be, we’re ready to be the couple we know we can be.” said...

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Matthew said...

Does anyone have an updated link to the article as this one is broken? said...

Hello Matthew...
Unfortunately as blogs age, we lose some of the links and I've searched trying to find it to no avail. I did find this book which looks very interesting to give you some food for thought:
Second Time Around: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Remarriage Happy
It was at
Hope that helps and sorry for the lost link!