Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have You Heard Of Marriage Education?

Posted by Michele Olson

Is there a place in your brain for marriage and healthy relationship education?
The first thought people usually have when they hear about is : Oh, are you marriage counseling?

That's because they are looking for a place in their brain that matches up with something they know. Marriage education doesn't hold a space yet.

We'd like to change that!

From our FAQ area:

Q. Is marriage education the same as counseling?

A. Basically, marriage education is teaching people healthy relationship skills. Unlike counseling, it doesn't focus on discussing specific problems or situations. Instead, it focuses on giving people knowledge about what makes relationships successful, and having them practice skills that can make a difference in their own relationship.

Q. Is marriage education only for married couples?

A. Absolutely not. People learn about marriage from infancy on, absorbing the patterns their parent's model. They begin experiencing their own romantic relationships as teens or young adults. We offer marriage education to everyone from teens to seniors.

Isn't it great! You now have a place in your brain for marriage education.

What's next? Tell the story!

Become a marriage champion and let your friends and family know that marriage and healthy relationship education is a great resource for everyone. If you have not received one of our Marriage Myth Buster need one! They're free... all you have to do is request your copy at It's a great resource to help you understand the importance of marriage education.

What did you think of the first time you heard ? Have you heard of marriage education?

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