Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oysters, Chocolate…Libido Boosters? Really?

Posted by Michele Olson

We’ve all heard the stories…oysters, chocolate. Not in the mood? Depend on your food or an herb! But does food and herbs really affect people as an aphrodisiac?

Not according to the FDA and the CHIRI.

"The mind is the most potent aphrodisiac there is," says John Renner, founder of the Consumer Health Information Research Institute (CHIRI). "It's very difficult to evaluate something someone is taking because if you tell them it's an aphrodisiac, the hope of a certain response might actually lead to an additional sexual reaction."

From an article by Tamar Nordenberg of the Food and Drug Administration on their website, the FDA's findings clash with a 5,000-year tradition of pursuing sexual betterment through use of plants, drugs and magic. Despite FDA's determination that OTC aphrodisiacs are ineffective--and sometimes even dangerous--people continue the optimistic quest for drug-induced sexual success.
Chilies, curries, and other spicy foods have been viewed as aphrodisiacs because their physiological effects--a raised heart rate and sometimes sweating--are similar to the physical reactions experienced during sex. And some foods were glorified as aphrodisiacs based on their rarity and mystery. While chocolate was once considered the ultimate aphrodisiac, the reputation wore off as it became commonly available.
The FDA sends warning letters to companies that make aphrodisiac claims, stating that the agency may take further regulatory action if the violations continue. "In the health fraud area, when they get a warning letter, most people take their profits and run," says Joel Aronson, director of FDA's division of nontraditional drugs. "They don't want to get into a legal battle with the agency because it could involve protracted, expensive litigation."
Self Magazine published this list of folklore and fact when it comes food that might boost the libido.

FOOD Strawberries
FOLKLORE This multiseeded berry symbolized fertility.
FACT Strawberries contain more vitamin C than any other berry.
FOOD Chocolate
FOLKLORE Montezuma drank 50 cups of hot chocolate before sex.
FACT Phenylethylamine in chocolate is a natural mood booster.
FOOD Caviar
FOLKLORE Dostoyevsky received caviar and marital pleasures from his wife after each completed chapter of Crime and Punishment.
FACT The vitamin B12 in caviar builds red blood cells.
FOLKLORE African fertility ointments contained this fruit.
FACT Figs are packed with potassium and fiber.
What do you think? Does food get you in the mood?

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