Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fools Day!

Posted by Michele Olson
So, what trick are you playing on your spouse and loved ones today?
I asked for some ideas from the peeps on Twitter that follow thinkmarriage and received a really good one that has taken place by the time of this writing.
Jen shared with us:
Well I already have this planned with my neighbor and am so excited for tomorrow morning! I gave him the spare set of keys to my husband's truck. He (the neighbor) works second shift, and is going to move my husband's truck into his driveway during the night after we're asleep. Then he'll move his truck into our driveway. I can just see the confusion on my husband's face now! I can't wait!! (I know it seems silly..but isn't the that FUN in April Fool's??
Jen and her husband obviously know how to play as a couple...very important in a healthy relationship. Heard the great tip of switching out the inside of the cereal box...someone starts to pour what they think is one kind of cereal and a different kind is inside. Actually did that one today...good for a giggle or two at my house with my husband.
I did some searching on the internet and there are all kinds of tips for pranks for the day. You can download a fake parking ticket and use it on someone in your family. There are also all kind of quite harmless things you can do to someones computer like deactivating their mouse or changing a setting so when the type words, different words come out.
The bottom line is, you have to know the temperament of your spouse. If this is going to send them through the roof on a stressful day filled with a lot of work, probably not a good idea. Or maybe you had this in your wedding vows: to love, honor and cherish and never play an April Fools Day prank on each other. Some people in hindsight might wish they had added that line!
Have fun today in a sweet way and please let us know some of your tricks and the outcomes. Your blog reply might just be our scathingly brilliant idea for next year!


Jen said...

Hi..its Jen..the creator of the April Fools prank mentioned. It was a hit!

He was completely confused and baffled. I watched him walk out to the driveway. Stand and look at the neighbor's truck for what had to have been at least 45 seconds. Look around like he had forgotten where he parked(like he was at Walmart or something). And walked back inside. He took one look at me and started cracking up laughing. He hadn't realized what was going on until he saw my face.

All he said was "You just wait." and then off to work he went.

I'm still waiting..YIKES! ;) said...

Thanks so much for telling us the rest of the story! Love it!
I played the cereal switch out on my husband this morning and now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop I know what you mean about waiting to see what happens.

Your prank was how will you top if for next year?
Sounds like you and your husband are enjoying the day, thanks for sharing.