Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Could a Blanket Make Your Marriage Better?

posted by Michele Olson

There’s a video sweeping infomercial TV viewing and YouTube that can’t help but bring a smile to your face…and the word marriage is a key part of the sales pitch!

Have you seen it? It’s the Better Marriage Blanket and it promises to deal with a rather delicate marriage issue; your partners offending molecules under the covers that may be causing discord and disharmony.

Did I say that delicately enough? It’s passing gas, tooting, cutting the cheese and oh so many euphemisms for a four letter word.

Not sure that when asked in divorce papers the reason for the end of a marriage, this would ever be the issue, but it could be right up there with how you each squeeze the toothpaste tube and hang the toilet roll.

So, who created this wonder product that promises to absorb the odors with an activated carbon fabric, the same type that is used by the military to protect against chemical weapons? (I love that part of the “sell”)

Margaret Eby writing for Salon.com iinterviewed Frank Bibbo, a former biology teacher and husband.

Frank’s words:
I bow-hunt for deer, and to do that you have to get really close to them, close enough that they can smell you. They’re pretty sensitive. So I started buying these military surplus chemical protective suits, from the army surplus store to block my odor. One time, I noticed that if I passed wind in there you couldn't smell a thing. And a light bulb went off. I took a couple of the suits, cut them into pieces, sewed them together and made a blanket. My wife and I used it in our bed for years, and it was great. Fifteen years later I made the first prototype and had a number of them produced. Complete article.

WebMD offers some secrets to gas control, starting with what you eat. If the blanket is not for you, that’s also a good way to deal with “the issue.”

Interesting that the blanket is touted not just as a blanket that controls odor, and include the fact it’s applicable for people sleeping together, instead it’s touted as the Better Marriage Blanket.

Taking a yearly marriage check up and marriage workshop every year is a great way to keep your marriage strong.

If you have some “for better or worse” problems that involve those offending molecules, then this may be just what you need.

Although we wouldn’t recommend it as an anniversary gift. That would stink.

Remember you can blog anonymously; any comment on offending molecules and your marriage?
Has it been a big problem for anyone?


Kristina said...

This has never caused a fight, but it actually gives us a reason to laugh together...however, it was a common occurence, it may cause some problems...especially if there is no WARNING!

thinkmarriage.org said...

Thanks for blogging Kristina...maybe the next version of the blanket could come out with a warning signal that conditions are ripe for blanket activation! It really is good for a chuckle as a couple.