Thursday, February 08, 2007

Now It's Your Turn!

posted by Michele Olson

1,000 Love Letters are going out into the city of Green Bay and no matter where you live, you can participate. Even if you aren't a kit recipient, you can be a part of this wonderful event by sending a love letter this week. The tips are geared to your spouse, or romantic loved one, but you can also adapt the tips to send a letter to a parent, a sibling, a best friend, or anyone you really want to express your feelings to. Here are some tips to get you started:

Tips on Writing a Love Letter!
Clear your desk and your mind of distractions. If you love someone enough to craft this letter, he or she deserves your full attention.

Place a picture of the one you love in front of you and put on your favorite music.

On another sheet of letter paper, make two lists: a) the unique qualities you love about him/her; b) your hopes for the future together.

Personalize the love letter salutation. "Dear ___ ," or "To my darling _____," are both fine.

In the body of the love letter, begin by telling him/her what you think makes him/her so special. List at least three different qualities of the one you love in the letter, ideally emotional, physical, and spiritual ones.

In the following paragraph of your love letter, share your hopes and dreams for the future you can have together.

Personalize the closing of the letter. "I will love you always," "Loving you forever," "My heart is yours," are all good possibilities.

Mail or deliver your letter.

Then expect great things. We'd love to hear right here on this blog what happened when you sent your letter...your stories will encourage many others to take the time to write a love letter.

Come back often and let's see what happens. This could change our world!