Friday, February 25, 2011

$eeds of Prosperity

$eeds of Prosperity

for farm and family

March 5 & 6, 2011

10:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.

From dealing with economic challenges to having more than one generation in on financial decisions, the pressures for farm families are distinct from other families.

“When your “job” is in your backyard and your career is a way of life, prosperity has a different definition,” said Jami Kaiser, Marathon County Director for

Jami sat down with the Brownfield Ag News for America in Marshfield and discussed the issues and the upcoming “$eeds of Prosperity” workshop designed especially for farming couples. Listen to the interview here:

“Money and finances are among the top “hot spots” in many marriages. And today’s economic climate hasn’t helped…especially for farming families,” Kaiser said.

What can help is learning how to:

  • talk about financial matters constructively;
  • identify your goals both collectively and individually;
  • reduce conflict and increase understanding;
  • work together toward more productive solutions.

“To be clear, this is not a financial seminar, Kaiser said. “Nor is it about how to handle your finances. It is a special workshop specifically designed to help farming couples learn how to effectively deal with the unique challenges of financial and farm issues.”

Thought provoking, non-judgmental and upbeat, the “$eeds of Prosperity workshop examines the emotional connection couples have in handling financial matters; identifies some of the most common roadblocks; and provides valuable insight into individual perspectives.

“Designed to acknowledge the deep pride and rich traditions of family farming, the upcoming “$eeds of Prosperity” workshop helps couples increase peace in their family, and provides an opportunity to work together, as partners, toward greater prosperity,” Kaiser said.

The workshop is held at the Holiday Inn & Suites on 1000 Imperial Avenue in Rothschild.

  • For couples who must get home for chores, there is the Workshop Package for only $67/per couple and includes all events, materials, and lunch.
  • For couples who would like to get away, the Hotel Package is only $167/per couple and includes all events, materials and lunch PLUS overnight stay and entertainment.
  • Financial assistance is available, and the first five couples to register will receive a $50 gas card FREE!