Thursday, September 30, 2010

Inside the American marriage, love, honor, and laughter are still alive

Take the time to Getaway & Reconnect

"Inside the American marriage, love, honor, and laughter are still alive.” Or so says a Reader’s Digest survey* of 1,001 married American couples. Conducted by Sarì Harrar and Rita DeMaria, Ph.D., (The Seven Stages of Marriage, 2006); this anonymous internet survey had some very surprising findings pop up in the responses.

Such as the fact that "time spent talking, laughing, having fun" is more important to the majority of couples than a whole lot of other things--including the distribution of housework and sex!

(Whoa! Sex?) Yes, sex! To quote the authors directly: “52 percent of the…partners told us that fun, laughter, and spending time together are four to five times more important than sex.”

Now before we get too rattled, know what ranked even higher? The importance of caring for your marriage. 75 percent of the couples said that they believe that “…to have a good marriage you have to constantly work at it." ("Marriage is what you make it -- you always have to keep working at your relationship; otherwise, it will slide," one husband said.)

Fun, laughter, quality time together, and working at your relationship...

Well, if you combine laughter and marriage, you have a good description of Barnes & Miner. Living in Los Angeles with their two young children, Amy Barnes and Jerry Miner come together as the Barnes & Miner comedy team. Part Reality, Part Therapy, All Hilarious,” their credits include over 25 national television appearances (Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Fox, NBC, ESPN, HBO, A&E, National Lampoon); four extended-run theater shows; and one very funny marriage! (

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*Source: Marriage Today: What 1,001 Couples Report: