Monday, May 19, 2008

The Change in the 26 Year Old Male

by Michele Olson

Author Kay S. Hymowitz, someone we've mentioned before in this blog because of her book Marriage and Caste in America has a very interesting article out that you may have heard about on talk radio, or read for yourself. In case you haven't, here's the link to the article she wrote titled:
Child-Man in the Promised Land

The article focuses on the differences found in a typical 26 year old in the year 1965 as compared to a typical 26 year old of today. In 1965 you probably had a factory job and were starting out your white collar career. You also have probably been married for several years. Jet pack into the future and your typical 26 year old is working in a cube somewhere, looking to climb the corporate ladder and living in an apartment with some single guy friends.

As Kay points out, we are now seeing a trend that has been obvious to "legions of frustrated young women"'s young man is more likely to stay in limbo in the world between child and man.

She ponders the questions of what does this mean to us as a society?

How has his "child-man" voice affected media including movies, TV and magazines...and resulted in a phenomenon of "dude media?"

What affect does it have on our world that no one is asking this man-child to grow up?

How does it affect Fatherhood?

Read the article and I'd love to see your you know a man-child?

Are you one?