Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Love Letters: Your Stories

posted by Michele Olson

Whether you consider yourself a “blogger” or not…we really want to hear from you on this blog! Your story will be encouragement to everyone who reads this which just might cause more love letters to be written!

To celebrate National Marriage Week Feb. 8 -17th, thinkmarriage is giving out Love Letter Kits. You can request one from our website Once you’ve given or sent your love letter, we’d love to hear what happened! You of course are anonymous on this blog, so you can really tell your story. We know that last year, lives were touched…and love letters really made a difference. This year, we are giving out many more, so there should be even more to share!

This is a great opportunity for you to do something that costs you nothing, but that will last forever. At a time in our lives when communication is everywhere, it is not always full of thought and meaning. A Love Letter invites you to choose a quiet place to think, and an opportunity to say things that you may have never said, or haven't said in quite a while.

Afraid you don’t know how? Don’t worry…each kit comes with the tips you need to write a Love Letter that helps you express your own unique personality.

Love Letters have a beautiful history that you can keep going. Here’s a short letter from someone about to savor a love letter in 1838…

To Clara Schmann (1838)

What a heavenly morning! All the bells are ringing; the sky is so golden and clear…and before me lies your letter.
I send you my first kiss, beloved.

Robert Schumann

While our verbiage is very different today, we can all still embrace a Love Letter with the same enthusiasm! It has been said: love in a letter endures likewise forever.

Tell us what happened to you when you wrote your love letter, and also, what happened when your letter was received.

Happy National Marriage week and Happy Love Letter Writing!