Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Matter of the Heart

posted by Michele Olson

The BBC recently put out a news release stating that the stress and anxiety brought on by a rocky marriage or relationship can take a toll on your heart.

That brings up the point we’re always stressing here at thinkmarriage…it’s about a healthy relationship…not just a relationship. We also work hard to get the word out, that you don’t have to enter your relationships just hoping or wishing it will work out. There are tangible and real things you can do to ensure a great future.

1) If you are single and desire to be married one day, now is the time to start to prepare. There are many books and websites including thinkmarriage.org with wonderful information that you should be taking advantage of…and of course, check our calendar of classes to see if there is a How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk(ette) class coming up in your area. Why not ask a friend to join you in your pursuit of information?
2) If you are in a serious relationship or engaged, commit to taking advantage of pre-marital education and preparation by getting some of the great DVD’s available, the many books you can read and by attending a church’s pre-marital programs to prepare you for marriage. You can’t spend enough time before you are married exploring each others thoughts and attitudes toward every day subjects. The whole cliché about the importance of how you squeeze the toothpaste tube differently became a cliché for a reason…you should be talking about everything, from small issues like toothpaste to big issues like finances and children.
3) If you are married, realize that on-going marriage education is for you, no matter how many years you have been married. Often when we are out in the community we have to smile at reactions from people as they see our signs…if they are newlyweds, they often think marriage education must be for someone married at least five years. If we talk to someone who has been married five to 10 years and often raising children, they think they are too busy for marriage education and they’ll do it later. Those who are empty nesters and who have been married 20 years or more think we must be talking about someone younger. The truth is, marriage can always use the boost of a great article to ponder or a class or workshop. If you’re married, marriage education is for you!

The internet, books, websites and organizations like ours - make it your business to be thinking about, talking about and promoting healthy marriages and relationships…your own…or those of the people in your community!

Besides, a good healthy relationship and a healthy marriage is good for you heart. The BBC said so. Read the article.

Who should be promoting healthy marriages? YOU!

If not, you…who?
If not now…when?