Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheers to Britain…Seeing the Importance of Marriage!

posted by Michele Olson
Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt writing for the Guardian talk about what we’ve been talking about…marriage! They explore the idea put forth by the Tories Party in the U.K. that Marriage is becoming “a preserve” of middle-classes. Not exactly how we would word it here in the states, but the story is the same. They are concerned about what is happening to traditional marriage and family. If you are familiar with, you know why. What happens to the family has a vast influence on society as a whole. In talking about the need for change, they cite David Willetts , the Tories shadow cabinet member as he refers to all the evidence in our country of how we are in danger of marriage becoming something only for the affluent elite, starting with the upper middle class. He also talks about the break-up of the family as a disaster for children. They are proposing changes and writing papers to influence what is happening with marriage in Great Britain. Latest UK figures show marriage at an all time low with only 270,000 people married last year compared to 480,285 at the peak in 1972. They are having an issue with marriage in their tax system as well…one earner couples get the worst deal, encouraging people to avoid marriage for monetary reasons. They are also talking about relationship courses. Translation: marriage education!

Read the entire article. The world is now much smaller in this day and age, so what other countries do and their attitude toward marriage does affect us in the states. It’s good to see someone in England thinking about more than figgy pudding in this season of celebration.

Time for a Christmas break here too …so from everyone at to you and yours….we wish you a happy, joyous Christmas with special moments for every marriage and healthy relationship! God bless us everyone!


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