Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Your Marriage Mission Statement

Posted by Michele Olson
Interesting thought from a Business Daily Africa article. Author Melissa Thoma reflects on how important it is for every business to have a mission statement. The purpose of a mission statement is to get everyone on the same page. Everyone in the company should understand what the ultimate goal is for the business. A good mission statement also provides for the individual in the company to play a role in engaging their skills to bring about the greater mission. There’s a clear sense of purpose and agreement on strategies to reach the goal.

This got the author wondering, “What is my marital mission statement?”

That’s worth giving some thought.

The article goes on to ask: What’s the highest motivating force behind your union? Having children? Supporting one another? What would you say?

Once you answer that question you can move on to strategies- a game-plan if you will -to make sure you keep on track with your mission.

Melissa shares what all this means for her and her husband. Read their mission statement and consider making a marriage mission statement with your spouse!

Care to share? What would be your basic marriage mission statement?

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