Monday, July 19, 2010

Have a Happier Marriage in 5 Minutes

posted by Michele Olson

The July 26th issue of Woman's World has an article that points us to a happier marriage in just five minutes. Who doesn't have five minutes when it comes to a happier marriage?

Review these six tips to see if you think it's worth your five minutes.

1) Reaffirm your love in "three." In a new survey of 3,000 married people, the happiest reaffirmed their love three key times a day. In the morning when you go your separate ways, in the evening when you meet again and at night before hitting the hay. If that is not part of your habit, that's an easy way to have a happier marriage.

2) According to two new studies sleeping apart does not mean you aren't still compatible lovers. Snoring and other things that lead to lack of sleep makes for grumpy people. A recent poll showed that 3 in 10 couples now sleep separately. If sleeping together means you aren't getting sleep, adjust your sleeping situation.

3) Ease into difficult situations. Enter into a subject softly sending a text that says the kids have really been fighting a lot latley over stupid things. I'd like to talk to talk about it tonight. This can help especially men with a fight or flee response. They can build up to the idea of talking about something in a calm and rational way.

4)Crying can strengthen your marriage. When you are together and tears are coming, let them come. It can increase your connection and build your relationship.

5)Do something good for someone else in the view of your spouse. Recent research shows we are attracted to our partners when they come to the aid of someone else. Lift something heavy for someone, open a door for a struggling person...let your spouse see you be a nice person.

6)Get enthused about your spouse's accomplishments. It's more crucial than helping your spouse through a crisis. Be very free with those pat on the backs.

See! None of them cost a cent or a great amount of time. You really could make life better in

your marriage by applying these just five minutes! Why not take five minutes and explore for more helpful tips on your healthy relationship?

What do you think? Have you seen these types of things improve your marriage?

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