Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Lesson of the Seat Belt

posted by Michele Olson

An "Embrace Life" video by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership in the United Kingdom has been spreading online in this country since early this year. If you haven’t seen it…take a moment to watch it.

The purpose of the video is to remind people to wear their seat belts because people in their families care and want them around. Great message.

We can also use it as a great reminder about the importance of marriage and family, and why it matters. What a void is left when there is a separation, divorce…the loss of the family unit for any reason.

The visual of surrounding each other with arms of safety is a great picture of what a satisfying, low-conflict home can mean in a life. The looks on the faces of the family as they look to one another speaks volumes without saying a word. At the moment of the “accident”, the family saves the moment by surrounding the person in danger. In a strong marriage, we help each other through the “accidents” of life.

At we want to spread the message that all your healthy relationships can be better. You can get the satisfying relationships you long for by learning some basic skills of communication and conflict resolution.

So today; wear your seat belt.

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Today, wear your seat belt and do something to move toward learning how to communicate and resolve conflicts in a healthy way. The results of not wearing a seat belt and not communicating can be the same; tragedy for the family.

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