Thursday, July 22, 2010

If You Like Statistics

posted by Michele Olson

Do you like numbers? Do you like to know what's happening in relationships, statistically?

Here are some statistics from their Feb. 2010 issue. How does it match up to what you are experiencing in your relationship?

How Similar (or not) are you?
3% say you are like mirror images
40% say your're more alike than different

22% say your different than alike

35% of you say your personalities are like yin and yang

How long did you date before getting married?

9% dated less than 6 months

27% dated six months to a year

35% dated 2 -3 years

15% dated 4-5 years

10% dated 6-9 years

4% dated 10 years or more

When did you know he was the one?

9% still aren't sure

6% knew after a few years

9% knew after a year

28% knew after a few months

23% knew immediately

25% knew after a few weeks

71% of you have nicknames for each other

50% of men say "I love you" lots during the day

51% of women say it.

Who controls the remote?

38% take turns deciding what to watch

27% of hubbies rule the remote
4% of women rule the remote

21% like the same shows and almost always agree on what to watch

Need a Couples Getaway

40% of you say it's been so long that you can't even remember the last time you skipped town together
30% take a couples trip once a year

3% go away constantly

Here's your chance to get away and do wonders for your marriage! Check out the workshop calendar at and keep checking back. We have many fall opportunities coming up for you and your spouse. There's even a cruise in Feb. 2011....explore!

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