Monday, July 26, 2010

The Perfect Marriage

posted by Michele Olson

Did the headline of this blog make you want to know about a perfect marriage? Worried you don't have the perfect marriage? Relax. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Outside of the movie and TV screen, it doesn't exist. Real people are in every marriage and real people are not perfect. It's not gonna happen!

The word "perfect" also implies there is one right way to be married. Marriages are as unique as the people that are in them.

Now, that said, there is such a thing as a really great marriage!

Hilllary Rich and Helaina Laks Kravitz, M.D. writing for the Complete Idiot's Guide to The Perfect Marriage have a way to help us remember what makes a great marriage.

G= Good communication

R= Real partnership

E= Effort

A= Adaptability

T= Total commitment

Have all these elements working together and you are on the way to a great marriage. It also helps if each of the spouses in the marriage commit 100 percent to the marriage. This investment will bring a great return and it's well worth your time.

Add some flexibility because of the curve balls life throws at all of us, and you will be able to have a great marriage. Check out all the resources at We are committed to helping you have a great marriage!

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M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

Love this post- thanks for sharing. I'll have to check out the book! I'll post this to our FB page - Relationships Matter Now.