Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easy Relationship = Good Relationship?

posted by Michele Olson

So look around. What do you see when it comes to what you assess to be a good relationship?

No fighting.

Not a lot of effort.

Life and companionship seems to be second nature. Ahhhhh. That's what a good relationship looks like, right? Easy!

If that's what you've been using as the "benchmark" for good, you're going to be disappointed. If a relationship doesn't come easy...just like any good thing in just means it requires some work. Think about the good things in life...they pretty much all take some real efforts on your part. That two-week vacation to the Bahamas that makes you think life is easy was really supported by 50 weeks of hard work to make it all happen.

It's the same with your relationship.

1) Acquiring the skills to communicate in a healthy way and improve your ability to resolve conflicts.


2) Daily investment of your time focusing on another person.


3) Being there for someone else.


There is definitely joy in the journey...but there is also a commitment to working on the relationship.

So...does that sound easy? It won't be.

Does that sound like it could be a good thing? Yes, yes it does.

How do you work on your relationship? Do you think it's easy?

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