Monday, February 16, 2009

Something for Couples Touched by Cancer

Posted by Michele Olson
With high divorce rates because of reasons not related to cancer, you can imagine the extra stress cancer imposes on even the strongest couples. Loss of routine, erosion of job security insurance and savings, plus a loss of intimacy amid pain and uncertainty; it’s clear that couples touched by cancer face unique challenges in their relationships. as a part of our Together We Can Marriage Education Series is having a Couples Touched By Cancer Weekend Event March 6 and 7th in Wausau, WI. The one night stay, meals and conference are only $69. If you or someone you know is a couple touched by cancer, get complete details and plan to attend. (Once at the calendar page click on Marathon County and go to the March Calendar)

Love Letter Follow-Up!
Did you give a love letter to your loved one over the weekend? Please blog about it here and let us know about your love letter experience!

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