Monday, February 09, 2009

Jump on the Love Note Bandwagon

Posted by Michele Olson

Love Notes
If you are here for the first time...jump on our love note bandwagon! To celebrate National Marriage Week Feb. 7 -14th we have Love Letter Kits available. Leading up to Feb. 14th, if that's when you choose to present your love letter...we are encouraging "Love Notes" Here are some seed ideas for your love note.

Feb. 9th: This is the Without You note:
Examples: Without you I would not enjoy every day like I do. Without you we would never have such special birthdays. Without you we would all be wearing mismatched socks, every day.

Feb. 10th This is the You Remind Me Of….note:
Examples: You remind me of the first time I see a spring Robin. You remind me of how happy I am on Christmas morning. You remind me of sitting with my toes in a pond on a hot summer day. You remind me of that first wonderful sip of Cola after a long bike ride.

Feb. 11th This is the When We Are Apart I Miss…note:
Examples: When we are apart I miss the sound of your voice. When we are apart I think about how much I can’t wait to see you again. When we are apart life is just not as sunny.

(Any day is a good day for a love note, so if you didn't use these ideas yet...keep things going after the 13th!)

Feb. 7th: This is the I Love note….
Examples: I love to hug you. I love your smile. I love to make you laugh. I love the way you fold laundry. I love the way you crinkle your nose when you are in deep thought. Start your note with the words: I Love…

Feb. 8th This is the You make me laugh or smile note:
Examples: You make me laugh when I hear you laughing at your favorite show.
You make me smile when you fluff my pillow at night. You make me laugh when you tell the kids bedtime stories in your monster voice.
Remember! We want to hear the stories of what happened with your love notes and love letters...please leave some comments on this blog!

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