Monday, February 23, 2009

Ponder This

posted by Michele Olson

Here’s something to think about today.

You can do something about the obstacles in your relationship. That’s part of experiencing a healthy relationship. A lot of people hit the bumps in the road…panic…and think the grass is greener somewhere else.

Ponder this:
Every ounce of energy you spend removing obstacles will create closeness in your healthy relationship. For example: Do you have unrealistic expectations of your spouse?

Who didn’t?

That’s O.K.

What’s not O.K. is to keep thinking those expectations are realistic and “normal.” You will end up with constant disappointment.

Need an example of how you can do something about those expectations?

Here’s one. Focus on your spouse’s positive qualities.

Be honest.

How long has it been since you really concentrated on positive qualities instead of the things that bug you? You get the idea.

Determine that you will spend a month really working on your relationship in a positive way.
Then let us know what happens. We predict good things.


Leisa Olson said...

Spending your time and energy into building your relationship also builds you as a person. You feel better about yourself because you keep commitments. What better person to cheer and support than your spouse. What a great example you set for your children. Marriage is like a large elastic band, sometimes you stretch far away but when you snap back.. wow!! how sweet it is.;)
Leisa Olson said...

Thanks for the good thoughts Leisa. working on your relationship is a good idea all around...and when you get! Keep blogging.