Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Love Notes Build to a Love Letter

Posted by Michele Olson
It's the third year we are bringing the timeless idea of Love Letters to you! You can get a free Love Letter Kit from thinkmarriage.org simply by emailng us and including your name and mailing address. We'd also love to send you a FREE Marriage Myth Buster Guide.
Our Love Letter kits include tips on how to write a love letter, healthy relationship tips and the stationery. In a recent survey more women wanted a love letter than they did candy, flowers or even diamonds! This is your year to write a love letter!
New this year is the love note! Each day starting Feb. 7 -13th...(Feb. 7 -14th is National Marriage Week!) we'll be posting a seed idea for a love note on this blog and on our website. You just customize the seed idea to your life...and voila! A love note! You can put it on the bathroom mirror, in a lunch box, a pocket ...or anywhere you know your sweetie pie will find it!
Could love notes and love letters change the world? We think so. They could also open the door for you to pursue healthy relationship and marriage education. We have great opportunities going on throughout the state of Wisconsin...and now...for anyone as we get ready to do online learning. That will be the subject of the next blog!
Meanwhile, we want to hear from you about your love notes and love letter. Tell us anything...
how did you feel writing it? What were the results? What did you learn? How did it affect your relationship? Please take the time to tell us your story. We want to know!

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