Thursday, February 05, 2009

Online Healthy Relationship Education is HERE!

Posted by Michele Olson
Anyone who has ever come to one of our workshops has learned something to enhance their current or future relationship. It's that simple. Unfortunately, we just can't reach enough people with on-the-ground-classes alone. Now we are adding something that should fit into everyones schedule. You can now take healthy relationship or marriage workshops online in the comfort of your own home! If time and scheduling has been preventing you from taking advantage of learning more communication and conflict resolution learning is for you!
Each online workshop will begin with a FREE online teleseminar to give you a class overview and idea of what to expect. After the teleseminar you will have the opportunity to register for the workshop...and also the chance to save money in the process.
We have a free teleseminar for teens, singles, seriously dating and engaged couples and married couples. Because it's online, you and your partner do not even need to be in the same city to do the course together.
The FREE teleseminars are coming up shortly in February....
Monday Feb. 23rd 8-9 PM CST Family Wellness for married couples.
Tuesday Feb. 24th 7-8 PM CST P.I.C.K a Partner for seriously dating and engaged couples
Wednesday Feb. 25th 8-9 PM CST Conscious Dating for Singles
Thursday Feb. 26th 7-8 PM CST Love U2 for Teens
Register for the free teleseminar by going to the classes tab at
It costs nothing to find out more...don't miss out!
Remember: Healthy relationships work when you work on your healthy relationships!

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