Tuesday, February 16, 2010

9,000 PLUS , What about YOU?

posted by Michele Olson

Home Front: Express Your Love Every Day by Jenny Bruns writing in the Fayetteville Observer keeps it real by telling her Valentine’s Day experience as a military wife who didn’t get to spend the holiday with her spouse. She coins a new interesting phrase: a Valentine's Day Grooge. That's Grinch and Scrooge combined. Her article caught our eye because she mentions getting a Marriage Myth Buster Guide and a Love Letter Kit from thinkmarriage.org

Our love letters went around the country as never before this year…over 9,000 new people now know a little more about thinkmarriage.org We’re pretty excited about that as we are on the cusp of growing our website resources which now include “check-ups” for singles, engaged and married couples. We will also be offering more and more opportunities for online classes. Currently there are online opportunities for engaged couples.

Coaching for couples or individuals is also available. Not counseling or therapy, coaching takes your relationship education experience to another level with individualized attention for more focused help. Proactive in nature, coaching helps you to set relationship goals and achieve them. (Think about the Olympics…where would those athletes be without a good coach?)

We’d still love you to tell your love note and love letter stories on this blog. That encourages everyone! Will we hear from you?

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