Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shout Out For A Unique Way to Help Haiti!

Posted by Michele Olson
Here's a shout out to a great organization doing something very unique to lend a hand in Haiti.
Yes, it's not on the news every night anymore, but the need will be there for years to come.
An organization called With This Ring is using donated wedding rings to raise money. Called a "radical giving" campaign, it's a way to raise money to rebuild a well in Haiti. We all know that water is vital to life, so this is a very tangible way to do something with all those feelings we all have as we watch what is happening in Haiti.
Visit the site, and also, visit the auction which is raising money for the rings.
Check it out and tell your friends. Another note! The Love Note Challenge starts on Sunday and runs through the 13th, so also tell your friends to tune in every day to this very blog to take each day's challenge to write a love note on a topic. Fun stuff!
How are you celebrating National Marriage Week, Feb. 7 -14th?

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