Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Hearts of Marriage

posted by Michele Olson

As National Marriage Week draws to a close we hope you've had a great week, given out lots of love notes and presented your love letter today.

See the comic to the left? It's meant to make you laugh! Hearts for married couples that say things like "The Seat Goes Down" and " R U Listening to Me?" Or did it make you irritated?

It's a good question about marriage. Are those little day to day things that happen between you and your spouse viewed as endearing or irritating? Now is a great time to resolve to work on your marriage and make it a satisfying experience. hopes a love letter was a good beginning, but we won't leave you without more resources. Our website is going to grow soon and will continue to add more and more resources for your healthy relationship. Remember we offer workshops in Wisconsin, and online workshops and coaching for anyone via the Internet.

Make your marriage a priority as the year goes forward. It will be a choice you won't regret.

Encourage others by blogging here about what love notes and love letters meant to your week and relationship!

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