Friday, February 12, 2010

Today's Love Note-What's Happening With Your Notes?

posted by Michele Olson

Day Six of the Love Note Challenge as we celebrate National Marriage Week this week! Our challenge started last Sunday and runs through tomorrow. Then on Sunday, you present your love letter! (It's not too late to be working on Sunday's full love letter, read about the downloadable kit below)

Feb. 12th
This is the Without You note:
Examples: Without you my ordinary days would be far more ordinary. You make life special.
Without you I would not be as cool as I am…right? You know it’s true! (I’m so lucky!)

Tip: After your love note is read, why not invite your honey to watch our :15 sec. to a better marriage webisodes found to the right, right here on our blog! You’ll enjoy them.

Want to get started on tomorrow's love note?

Here it is!

This is the “Our song” or “This song” category note:
Examples: When I hear “She loves you, yah yah yah”…I think boy does she ever!
When I hear (fill in song title you like) my mind goes right to you, and how much I love you.

Places to put your love note: on the remote, in a favorite cup, the bathroom mirror, the computer screen, a coat pocket, rear view mirror, water bottle, mobile phone, book being read, lunch bag. Love notes lead up to the presentation of your full love letter on Feb. 14th. is celebrating National Marriage Week Feb. 7-14th with love notes leading up to a love letter. Get a love letter kit along with tips on how to write one from, click on the store tab. In the interest of time get a downloadable kit for just $1.99!

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