Thursday, February 18, 2010

Every Day Heart Matters

posted by Michele Olson

Let’s see if we can relate two “heart” matters!

A study just came out that says people with a tendency to experience positive emotions, such as being happy, enthusiastic and content, are also less likely to develop heart disease than people who don’t experience life that way.

A recent CBS poll says Nine out of ten (90%) married Americans would marry their spouse again, a percentage which has barely changed since 1995 (when it was 93%).
What did the couples in the poll think was most important when it came to having a successful relationship? Again, maybe a few surprises if you listen too many of the experts take on what makes a couple tick.
About half of the couple picked "Respect" (49%), followed by "Trust" (37%), and a "Sense of humor" (10%). "Sex" was picked by 2%. "Money" recorded 0%.

Since February is heart health month….I think we can do a little math and deduce that married people who respect and trust one another while taking some time for fun have more of a tendency of experiencing positive emotions in life…which can lead to less heart disease!

Now while a scientist may not come to those conclusions, us every day folk can ponder that and realize that the work we put into our healthy marriages is worth it on so many levels…truly matters of the heart!

Would you marry your spouse again? Let us hear from you.

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