Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Jakarta On To Something?

posted by Michele Olson
To bring down rising divorce rates and domestic violence, officials in Jakarta Indonesia have a solution in the works: a three week pre-marriage course which provides a certificate. Without out it you can’t get married!

The course will be mandatory for everyone, including foreign Muslim citizens getting married under Indonesian law. The three weeks of learning will include things that a would-be married couple needs to know before getting married and also how to make a successful family. Reproductive health, family planning, financial management, child education and marriage according to sharia law will also be taught.

Why the move? They want to do something about the family problems on the rise and they see education as the tool to make that happen. Curbing rising divorce rates due to economic problems, polygamy, physical abuse and extra-marital affairs has become a top priority.

According to the Jakarta Post the government is drafting a law on marriage, by which those involved in nikah siri, contractual marriage or mut’ah, and those not registered in the office, could face up to three years in jail and be fined up to Rp 12 million (about US$1,200).

We can all agree that the government mandating pre-marital education would not fly here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, but the point should not be lost on us in the West. Strongly encouraging all couples heading to marriage to take part in pre-marital education is a good idea.

Many people seek pre-marital inventory educational opportunities from their house of worship, however, excellent resources are available for everyone-including the online opportunities available right now through

Do your upcoming marriage a favor…even without government mandates! Take the Engaged Couples Check-Up available on our home page, and then really put the icing on the cake by following up with one of our online pre-marriage courses, which will take you through your findings to a deeper level.

It’s a small financial and time investment in comparison to your goal of a satisfying life-long marriage. It’s more important than the cake, dress, and flowers…so put it at the top of your “get it done” list! You won’t be sorry.
Are you married and have you participated in a pre-marital inventory? What was your experience?
Are you engaged? Are you planning on a pre-marital course of some type? Why or why not?

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