Monday, February 01, 2010

How Do You Refer to Your “CoupleHood?”

posted by Michele Olson

“We” is apparently a magic word according to an article by Sherryl Connelly in the New York Daily News . She wrote her article based on a new study from University of California, Berkeley.
Wondering how you would have responded in the study?

Ask yourself this question. If you are part of a couple, how do refer to that partnership when talking to other people? Do you say “we” or “I?” This study suggests that if you are more likely to use the word “we” you are also better at resolving conflicts in your relationship.

Words in your favor: “We, Our, Us.”

Words that show there may be problems: “I, Me, You.”

The findings showed that the couples who used “we speak” communicated easier and with less stress.

The “I” couples were shown to be less satisfied with each other.

Your verbiage seems to reveal if you think in a partnership mode. This style usually leads to facing problems together. If you usually use the word "I" and think more individually, even when referring to your partnership, you probably have less satisfaction in your marriage.
Interesting. Where do you fall in this language benchmark?

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