Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Last Note Before the Letter!

posted by Michele Olson

The final day of our Love Note Challenge as we celebrate National Marriage Week this week! Tomorrow, you present your love letter!

This is the “Our song” or “This song” category note:
Examples: When I hear “She loves you, yah yah yah”…I think boy does she ever!
When I hear (fill in song title you like) my mind goes right to you, and how much I love you.

After writing 7 love notes…your loved one is ready for Feb. 14th!
Tomorrow is Love letter day ! Present your love letter and please take the time to use this blog to tell us what's been happening...share the love!

Remember:Places to put your love note: on the remote, in a favorite cup, the bathroom mirror, the computer screen, a coat pocket, rear view mirror, water bottle, mobile phone, book being read, lunch bag.

You can get a downloadable love letter kit in the store at There's still time to get your love letter written!

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